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Sue Jenkins


Sue Jenkins, Graphic Design, WordPress, Illustration, Patterns, Collage

Sue Jenkins is a web and graphic designer, collage artist, illustrator, fine art photographer, software instructor, and writer, as well as owner and creative director of Luckychair Design, a full-service web, digital, and graphic design studio serving businesses across the U.S. since 1997.

An Adobe Certified Expert and Adobe Certified Instructor, Sue currently works as Associate Professor at Marywood University teaching courses in graphic design, web and interactive design, motion graphics, art foundations, and photography. In addition, she is the author of several ‘For Dummies’ books and other instructional books on Web Design, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and Photoshop including her most popular books Web Design All-in-One For Dummies, Smashing Photoshop: 100 Professional Techniques, Tumblr For Dummies, and Dreamweaver All-in-One For Dummies.

Sue holds an MFA in Photography and is an award-winning software instructor appearing in several Adobe Software Training programs on Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Illustrator, Web Design, Adobe XD, and Design Aesthetics available online from ClassOnDemand,, and LinkedIn Learning.

Sue's company, Luckychair, specializes in distinguished web design, graphic design, logos, branding, and illustration for small businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs across the country. Sue especially enjoys working with minority and women owned businesses and non profits. Luckychair's primary goal is to create customized communication solutions for their ever-growing list of clients—all while keeping all eyes to art and design, all hearts towards honesty and integrity, and all minds towards quality and professionalism.

Luckychair is a full service design studio providing graphic design, WordPress design/development, social media graphic design, design software training, technical writing, copy editing, and design consulting.


Fine Art,Graphic Design,Teaching Professional

Contact the creator before copying. The Guild Supports “Ask First.”

  • Images within Guild Member Portfolios are for Web browser viewing only.
  • Any unauthorized downloading or duplication of images is prohibited by copyright law.
  • Use of the images, including comp usage, must be negotiated with the creator of the image prior to any use.

We ask you to remember that many designers, artists and illustrators may not want to have their images used in any way, including in agency presentations. Any use, including “comping,” implies value that is worth compensation. Art or photography in portfolios submitted for a job should not be copied for any use, including client presentation or “comping,” without the creator’s permission. In case after case, the creator’s property rights have been upheld, and those caught engaging in these practices were penalized, paying large fines to the artists.