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Scott Harrison


Scott Harrison, Photographer

In 2021, I decided to pursue a career as a motorsports photographer. My goal was to make the jump from amateur photographer to full-time pro in 24 months. As an experienced track driver, I looked at the photographers in my area and what they offered, through a different lens. What did I expect when I ordered photos? Was I satisfied with the price, delivery time, and content? Did I feel like a client or just a number?

With those questions in mind, I set out to drive less and shoot more. I chose to approach motorsports photography differently: I would take an artisan approach, art vs. the assembly line. I have a precision instrument, not a machine gun. Client photos should reflect that. My clients are not just clients, they become friends. I make it a point to remember their names, their cars, and the unique things about them. I know that the race or track day is only relevant for a short period of time; by mid-week, we are already preparing for the next race, and the previous weekend is forgotten. Rapid delivery became something else to set us apart. We shoot RAW, edit trackside, and provide content to teams as the action unfolds. We have industry-leading delivery times in our region. Additionally, we over-deliver. We only provide the best photos, but we provide a ton of them. I set out to create an experience that I would want, as a driver.

365 days after I set out to make a dream a reality, Point By Photography Ltd Co became one of the premier trackside photography agencies in the southeast. As 2023 starts, we have increased our staff, increased our client base, branched out into other disciplines, and filled our calendar. We treat our photographers like family, we treat our clients like friends.

If we have learned anything, it is to treat people right, and that to be successful, you must project success.

Thanks for attending my TED talk lol.


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