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Sarah Spoelstra


Sarah Spoelstra, Graphic Designer // Creative Director // Inbound Marketing

👋 How Can I Help You Today?
Howdy! If you're looking for someone with experience in graphic design and inbound marketing in the consumer products and manufacturing worlds, you're in luck.

🧐 Are We a Good Fit?
Are you a small or mid-sized business owner looking for guidance in designing and marketing a product? Or maybe you're a marketing director or brand manager trying to grab your customer's attention? I can help you. I've worked in-house and as a freelance graphic designer over the years, so I understand your needs are constantly shifting. Below is a shortlist of some of the companies I've enjoyed teaming up with on projects.

I've worked in nearly every design medium, from packaging to photography and print to digital media, for over 20 years. Through thoughtful collaboration, I can help you produce designs targeted to your audience and their needs — all within budget.

👉 Here are some projects I'd love to help you with:
• Web design
• Landing page design
• Email marketing and template design
• Social media graphics, content, and marketing
• Brochures
• Packaging design
• Catalog design
• Direct Mail
• Tradeshow graphics
• Posters
• Product photography
• HubSpot and inbound marketing
• Logo and identity design
• And more!

• Construction + Home Improvement: Sashco Inc., Perma-R Products
• Household Chemicals: Scott's Liquid Gold, Rust Patrol
• Seasonal Products: Christopher Radko, Pumpkin Masters
• Nonprofits: Make Philanthropy Work, Colorado Lung Health Connection
• Apparel: Imperial Sports
• Cosmetics + Skin Care: Alpha Skin Care, Diabetic Skin Care, Mountain Mike's Remedies
• Healthcare: Covidien Medtronic, Scientific Device Laboratory

🤩 Why Choosing the Right Graphic Designer Matters
Exceptional graphic design should be an essential piece of your marketing strategy. It helps you reach your audience. With it, you can stand out on a crowded store shelf or catch your audience's attention in their overflowing inbox. But what do you do after you catch their eye? The flipside of great design is action — clicking the button or picking up your product and making the purchase. Design with strategy cuts through the clutter with a clear message and call to action or needs your product addresses.

Want to learn more about how we can work together to grow your business or product share? Give me a holler at or book a FREE 30-minute discovery call, and I can answer any questions. You'll find links to both under Contact Info above.


Graphic Design,Package Design,Photography

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