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Ryan Gates


Ryan Gates, Artist & Animator

Hello! From Disney Interactive to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, I have been illustrating and animating for friends and family for over 20 years. Now I am looking to find new friends and join exciting team projects to help make the world a better place for art, animation, video games, cartoons, advertisements, and more!

I consider myself a pro with Clip Studio Pro EX and Photoshop, and am building my skills with ToonBoom Harmony to professional levels rapidly.

Please visit my website for more details!



Contact the creator before copying. The Guild Supports “Ask First.”

  • Images within Guild Member Portfolios are for Web browser viewing only.
  • Any unauthorized downloading or duplication of images is prohibited by copyright law.
  • Use of the images, including comp usage, must be negotiated with the creator of the image prior to any use.

We ask you to remember that many designers, artists and illustrators may not want to have their images used in any way, including in agency presentations. Any use, including “comping,” implies value that is worth compensation. Art or photography in portfolios submitted for a job should not be copied for any use, including client presentation or “comping,” without the creator’s permission. In case after case, the creator’s property rights have been upheld, and those caught engaging in these practices were penalized, paying large fines to the artists.