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Sharon Phillip


Sharon Phillip, Graphic & Motion Designer

Sharon Phillip is a creative media professional with over 20 years’ experience in the TV Broadcast & New Media Industries. Her diverse skill set includes long and short-form documentaries, news and TV programming. A former dancer, Sharon’s talents also include producing, directing and writing for podcasts, social media, and short-form digital content. She is an EMMY® Award-winning editor who completed her M.F.A. in Motion Media Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Some of her early credits include internships with various production houses including MTV. Sharon later worked for Warner Bros., which sparked her love for writing and film development. A Veteran, Sharon settled in Atlanta upon completing her final tour of duty in the US Army, where she completed her undergraduate degree in Video Production from American Intercontinental University.

Upon receiving her B.A. and TV production, Sharon went to work for an Atlanta-based cable network where she moved up the ranks from Production Assistant to Senior Editor and finally Manager of Production Services. While she is very comfortable in leadership roles her passion lies in being a part of the creative process.

Over the years Sharon has formed several creative partnerships with a diverse group of very creative, innovative, and like-minded friends, including AJM3nt Creative Media, FAB4 Entertainment, and the Cr8-tive Group Collaborative in 2019. These partnerships are platforms for the sharing of resources, and the creation of new digital content while promoting shared global and educational initiatives.

One of Sharon’s favorite quotes is by Napoleon Hill. “Whatever you can conceive and believe … you CAN achieve”. Without failure, there could be no success. And the only true way to fail is to never have tried at all. Sharon believes in not being afraid to shoot for our dreams and giving it all we’ve got. She believes in not living a life filled with “what ifs”. If we fail, get right back up and try again. We owe it to ourselves … we are worth it!


Graphic Design,Motion Graphics,Other

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