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International Design Day 2022: Suspended in Transition

The theme for the International Council of Design’s International Design Day 2022 is “Suspended in Transition.” It expresses the odd space we currently find ourselves in, caught between the old ways of doing things which no longer fit, and new ways which have yet to be devised to meet the challenges we’re facing.

logo for International Design Day 2022

The Council has challenged designers to explore this uncomfortable space, and re-imagine the future.

To explore this theme, we asked Guild members three questions:

  1. How have you adjusted to the large-scale changes in how we work and interact with our clients and our communities?
  2. Has your perception of the role you play as a designer or illustrator changed in response to the various crises we’ve been experiencing? Has it effected how you work, what projects you want to work on, or how you wan to engage?
  3. How do you believe designers and illustrators are positioned to help imagine and create a better future?

International Design Day poster design by  Tyra Von Zweigbergk.

image of the abstract artwork for International Design Day 2022