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Holiday Market

Searching for holiday presents? Take a look at the goods created and sold by our members! You’ll find a perfect gift, and you’ll support an  artist.

Guild members: If you would like to participate, email us with your shop name, 2-3 sentences describing your goods, a link to your online shop, and 3 images 600×400 pixels. Deadline December 18.

Get creative goods made with Blocco a customizable pattern kit.

My online shop is down, but these three posters can be purchased through my Instagram page. The three posters are all described in the first post at the top of my Instagram page — available for your Holiday shopping pleasure. Click the button below for more info.

Thoughtful and fun paper goods & gifts created by Jennifer Rozbruch Design. Often exploring Jewish themes with a modern twist.

Enjoy this online spot where you can find whimsical illustrations on your favorite items! See fun illustrations come alive on your very own mug, journal, phone case, and more!
I’m a children’s illustrator who makes adorable things you can put on cups (and other products).
Original, one-of-a-kind designs, in the ‘gutta serti’ or silk painting technique, which may be worn or hung. Executed on 100% silk Habotai; i.e. scarves, hankies, pillows, caftans shirts.
Limited release digital paintings on canvas and digital prints on high-quality paper. Shown here: Black Is King (20×24 canvas); Cocoa (8×8 digital print); and Beychella (8×8 digital print).
Cartoons, Illustrations, merchandise from my comics, and the occasional watercolor landscape. Come check out the possibilities.
Looking to add a little pun to your life? Check out the shop for some fun shirts, totes, masks, mugs, and other goodies!
Show what you feel! Stuff for the cranky, the snarky, the disaffected, and dog lovers…
When you use our handcrafted sugar and salt scrubs, you’ll enjoy their subtle scent, gentle exfoliation, and smoother, softer skin, using USDA organic ingredients for their therapeutic and skin-healing properties.
A graphic designer by trade, I noticed a hole in the market for sassy cards and paper goods – so I’m trying to fill that with all manner of things… so long as they make someone smile or laugh. Shop many cheeky cards, paper goods and other household items now!
Fun prints and stickers for decorating your home, laptop, or car. Stop on by if you’re looking for art that is fun, often snarky, and always delicious.