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Created to further your professional and artistic interests, the Guild is a community and your advocate to ensure fair pay, appropriate working conditions and ownership of your work.

As a member of the Guild, you are part of:

  • A community of artists working together to improve pay and working conditions in the industry.
  • An artists’ advocacy group for legislative reform, including:
  • Our ongoing fight to end widespread abuse of the copyright law's "work-for-hire" language;
  • Our successful battle against unfair taxation of artists;
  • Restoring power to artists, by strengthening copyright protection in all disciplines and all markets.
  • A forum for sharing concerns. Regional events make it easy to share ideas, information, and business skills with other artists.

Who Qualifies for the Guild?

Working artists – who earn over half their income from graphic work – who believe – as we do – that, together, we are better.

Interested non-artists, or artists making less than half of their income from their graphic work, may join as associate members with all membership privileges, except voting rights. Meetings are open to all members, and any member may introduce resolutions. There is no portfolio review.

Step 1: Select a Membership Type

There are two categories of membership: Full Member and Associate Member. Only working graphic artists who derive more than 50% of their income from their graphic art are eligible to be full, voting members.

Full Members may select up to three areas of expertise in their portfolio.

All other interested persons in related fields who support the goals and purposes of the Guild are welcome to join as Associate Members, as are graphic arts students. Associate Members may participate in all Guild activities and programs and serve on committees but may not vote or hold office.

Associate Members may show one area of expertise in their portfolio.

**To offset administrative expenses an Initiation/Reinstatement Fee of $30 is added. This is a one-time fee.

The Benefits of Membership


Do you want to hang out with your creative colleagues? Learn new skills? Broaden your network? Sharpen your business expertise? You can do all this AND be part of an essential organization, pooling our resources to improve working conditions for all artists. Just contact your local Guild Regional Administrator.

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