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Graphic Artists Guild Elections for Officers and Regional Representatives

We’re so excited to announce that it’s time to hold our first trade association elections for Officers and Regional Representatives. To be eligible to vote and/or run for National Officer or Regional Representative you must be a Professional member. Holding office and voting are two of the privileges of being a Professional member.

We will hold these elections in two parts.

Election 1 will be for our three National Officers -– President, Secretary, and Treasurer and will be voted on by all Professional members.

Election 2 will be for Representatives for each of the five regions and you will vote for the candidates from your region.

Nominations are now open for National Officers

To throw your hat in the ring, send your bio and short statement of interest indicating the Office you are running for to Paula. (

Responsibilities of the Officers

National President:

· Becomes the Chief Executive Officer of the Guild

· Presides as the Chair of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors

· Signs all official documents, and checks

National Recording Secretary:

· Keeps a true record of all proceedings

· Performs other related duties as may be assigned by the Executive Committee

· Is custodian of the official Seal of the Guild and of its written records and minutes

National Financial Secretary:

· Supervises the accounting procedures of all Guild monies

· Coordinates the national functions of the Guild’s treasury

· Supervises the keeping of true and accurate accounts of the funds of the Guild

· Submits periodic statements to the Board, Officers, and Executive Committee at their meetings

· Has the power to sign checks, promissory notes or other instruments for the payment of money issued against the accounts of the Guild

· Works with the National staff to prepare the annual budget

Responsibilities of Regional Representatives

· Help plan events for Region – virtual or in person (aim for 3 per year)

· Forward appropriate content to Regional Administrator for inclusion in Regional newsletter

· Write four 1 to 2-paragraph pieces for the Regional newsletter per year

· Spend at least 30 minutes per week on social media for the Guild

· Attend National Board meetings that run 90 minutes, every other month. (May include an in-person annual meeting)

· Communicate Regional needs to National Board

· Volunteer for 2-3 National Board ad hoc committees over the year

Elections Timeline

Election 1-Officers-President, Secretary, Treasurer

Officer Nominations

May 1-May 20, 2021

Voting for Officers

June 1-June 21, 2021

Election 2-Regional Representatives

Regional Representative Nominations

July 1-July 20, 2021

Voting for Regional Representatives

August 2-August 23, 2021