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Design for Each and All: Traci Churchill

headshot for member spotlight of Traci Churchill

Traci Churchill

Traci Churchill
Traci Churchill, LTD
Roswell, GA
Guild Member since 2021

How can design shape how people live well and flourish?

As a designer, we have a responsibility to make decisions about how our choices impact the people who will be seeing our work. It is a powerful place to be. The more we can be open and inclusive in our choices of imagery and text the better we can contribute to the greater good.

Who is/are “each and all” and what is the context?

“Each and All” is all of mankind, no matter what race, gender, or nationality.

How do you think about “just” and “fair” access in design?

I think about it constantly, especially in context of every decision I make about image selection and content on my assignments.

How does design build a better — more inclusive, fairer — world?

Design is everywhere. Designers are a powerful presence behind the wheel. By being constantly aware, we have an extraordinary opportunity to contribute to a better and more open and inclusive world.

Traci Churchill is a designer with a passion for the arts. Her specialties are Branding, Promotion and Publication Design.

Images © Traci Churchill. Used with permission.