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Design for Each and All: Katrina Simpson

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Katrina Simpson

Facilitator / Product Designer
The Simpson Agency
New York, NY
Guild Member off and on for 20 years

How can design shape how people live well and flourish?

The visual design industry has opened many doors and given me opportunities I could have never imagined. It has broadened and shaped the way I see the world.

Design is an extension of the human experience. It allows you to have empathy for the human condition then turn that into a tactile thing to share with the world.

Designers create things that have never existed before we help design the future from a vision, a word, or a concept. We design experiences to make people’s everyday life simpler and easier to navigate.

Who is/are “each and all” and what is the context?

IDEO David Kelly left Apple to create design thinking to improve design esthetic and usability focusing not only on esthetics but the human factor.

The thing about great design is that it is seamless for the user. You know bad design when you see it.

How do you think about “just” and “fair” access in design?

It has been an unfortunate thing but I very rarely work with people of color. I’ve been the only African American designer in all cases except once or twice during my entire 25 careers. There still needs to be improvement and inclusion in all aspects of the industry.

How does design build a better — more inclusive, fairer — world?

There would be a broader perspective and esthetic, sensibility, viability, feasibility, sense of empathy, emotion, color, balance, and structure all great design has this.

The visual design industry is making an effort to make changes and improvements but we have a very long way to go.

As a Design Evangelist, educator Katrina Simpson’s career has spanned more the 25 years, crossing industries from print, television, film, product design, education, healthcare, finance for fortune 100 corporations.

Images © Katrina Simpson. Used with permission.