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“Creativity takes courage.”
-Henri Matisse
It also takes money.
Sponsor a Member

Support the next generation of diverse artists. Everyone, no matter their color or circumstances, should be able to earn a living wage in the field they’re passionate about. The Graphic Artists Guild wants to make that a reality for people who are passionate about the graphic arts. With your help.

Our Sponsor a Member program is part of our ongoing commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) and aims to expand opportunities for both professionals and students.

We believe that everyone should have the chance to explore and contribute to the world of visual and graphic arts, regardless of their economic circumstances.

How you can help

Two sponsorship opportunities: Professional Members and Students

Professional Membership Sponsorship

Designed to support five graphic artists who demonstrate talent, commitment, and financial need. Your contribution provides:

Networking Opportunities

Invitations to exclusive events and webinars, where members can connect with potential clients, industry leaders, and fellow artists.

Mentorship Programs

We match professional candidates with experienced Guild members to guide them in their professional journey.

Profile Feature

Opportunity for member to be featured on our website and social media platforms, providing exposure and potential connections with clients.

DEIB Committee Involvement

Active participation in our DEIB initiatives, allowing sponsored members to shape and influence the industry’s future.

Student Membership Sponsorship*

Empower five students who demonstrate potential and passion for graphic arts but lack the financial means to pursue this path. Your contribution provides:

Mentorship Programs

We match students with professional Guild members for mentorship, providing them with a rich source of guidance and inspiration.

Educational Webinars & Workshops

Students receive access to a wide range of educational materials, workshops, and webinars to supplement their academic learning.

Portfolio Reviews

Quarterly portfolio reviews with feedback from professional graphic artists to help them refine their work.

Internship Opportunities

Priority access to internships within the Guild in areas of design, research, and community engagement, helping to build valuable industry connections.

By sponsoring a new BIPOC member, you’re not just supporting an individual but fostering an inclusive future for the entire graphic arts community.

This Scholarship Program is not limited to college-educated individuals or college students.

To be considered, an applicant would need to:

  1. Submit a one-page statement or 1-minute video detailing the financial need and their desire to improve or start their journey in graphic arts.
  2. Submit 1 piece of original graphic art