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Case Studies and CASE Support

Too often people assume that copyright protection only helps large corporations and media companies. But the truth is that the vast majority of copyrighted work is created by individuals – designers, illustrators, photographers, writers, musicians, etc. We constantly hear from artists who have had their work stolen by copyright infringers. They lose commissions, licensing opportunities (infringed works lose licensing value), and the ability to decide when, where and how THEIR work is used. Read their stories below.

More about a copyright small claims tribunal: Individual creators and small businesses can’t avail themselves of remedies when their work is stolen because of the high cost of copyright infringement lawsuits. Legislation such as the CASE Act addresses that. It creates a small copyright claims tribunal for cases too small to warrant the expense of federal court – the kind of copyright infringements individual creators deal with every day. People who use preexisting works – such as collage artists and surface designers – could use the tribunal to get a declaration that their use is permissible. Also, anyone who gets a fraudulent DMCA notice or counter-notice could bring that before the tribunal. (Hello, Youtubers!) Because the small claims tribunal is voluntary (people who are served can just opt out), the process is entirely voluntary,