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Beverley Delay, Graphic Artists Guild Secretary 2021

Beverley Delay

Web Designer / Graphic Artist
Beverley Designs
Los Angeles, CA
Guild Member since 2020

My favorite thing about being an designer/illustrator/graphic artist is… that I get to create what’s in my head!

What first got you involved with the Graphic Artists Guild?

I met Lara (Lara Kisielewska, Immediate Past President) on a design project, and she mentioned the Guild. I had lived and worked in the US for 16 years as a web designer and had, I’m very ashamed to say, never heard of it. She spoke so highly of the benefits of joining, that I immediately went to the website and joined as a Professional member. I wasted no time and set up my design portfolio on the site, signed up for a few virtual events, and decided to volunteer. As soon as I was contacted by the West Team, I knew I was in the right place. Not only do we speak the same language, but they are such a cool and wonderful group of people. I was thrilled to join them as Associate Rep and become more involved with the Guild. Then one thing led to another and now I’m your secretary!

What would you like to see the Guild accomplish during your term?

I would really like the Guild to grow, through increased members, volunteers, events… I believe in that adage “an idea that can lead to an idea”! As we are all creatives, our minds are constantly full of ideas, and I would welcome brainstorming opportunities with all members and how they want to see the Guild grow. I would love to help the Guild develop various apps to help designers in the field, for pricing, legal requirements, grievances, and a whole realm of other resources. Wouldn’t it be great to go international and connect with other organizations in the world? I have plenty more ideas, but one thing at a time!

What do you think are the things the Guild can do for graphic artists?

I think that the Guild provides a wonderful platform for all graphic artists; it is after all the leading advocate for us graphic people; it has our back. The Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing and Ethical Guidelines, provided free for all members, is a 500-page bible containing everything you need to help you in your business. That’s just the Handbook! The website is a treasure trove of information too, webinars, white papers, articles, member benefits, a whole wealth of info, some available to non-members too but as a member, you get so much more.

What piece of advice would you want to pass on to new Guild members, or people new to the industry?

Join the Guild! Don’t wait, do it today, not tomorrow. You will become part of such a diverse group of fellow creatives, and only good things happen when creatives work together. There’s so much to learn, whatever your age and wherever you are at in your life. There’s a wealth of resources available at the Guild and it’s all there at your fingertips. Be an active member and get involved in one of the committees that are a part of the three pillars: Advocacy, Community, Resources. Honestly, there is absolutely no downside to joining the Guild, it’s all onwards and upwards.

Beverley Delay is an experienced web and graphic designer. She founded Beverley Designs in 2005 and provides unique creative design work to a wide range of small businesses, ranging from artists to nutritionists, from yoga instructors to college counselors, dog trainers to various charities, and more.

Images © Beverly Delay. Used with permission.