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Women in Graphic Arts: Nancy Ruzow

Nancy Ruzow headshot

Nancy Ruzow

Founder and Principal Designer
Ruzow Graphics Inc
Westport, CT and
New York, NY
Owner and Moderator
Creatives’ Roundtable
Westport, CT but online community
Fly Female Founders
New York, NY

What is one thing you learned in school or via an alternative learning source that has made you a better professional? What was the name of the school / instructor / resource?

Two simple things for sure; listening to the creative brief (I like to read it out loud) so that I can understand what a client truly wants and not have to do things over and over, and being on time — I never miss deadlines. I learned that at school SUNY College at Buffalo.

As a woman in graphic arts, how do think the female perspective has impacted the evolution of the industry?

I think female designers not only are innovators and great designers, but they also understand that the community of creatives they associate themselves with helps make them stronger.

Name a female graphic artist, living or deceased, that made an impact on your aesthetic or work style (Include their social media handles if available). How does that impact present itself in your work?

Paula Scher for sure. I admire her design, but I truly admire that she is humble, relatable, practical, and that she shares her experiences with humor. I try to do the same by running the Creatives’ Roundtable.  And, that she embraces typography as a great communication tool, which I try to do with all of my work.

Designer, lover of type, tennis, and saké, Nancy Ruzow turns creative needs into well-defined and well-designed branding, print materials, ads, and websites, that help clients connect the dots between their brands and their customers.

Images © Nancy Ruzow. Used with permission.