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The Graphic Artists Guild Stands in Support of IATSE

The Graphic Artists Guild stands in support of IATSE, the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, in their efforts to secure fair labor conditions and wages for their members. IATSE members, including scenic artists, animators, experiential designers, art directors, and graphic artists, often work for low wages in unsafe conditions, and for long hours without rest. In particular, professionals working for “new media” streaming services command lower wages despite the fact that the budgets and income derived from those project rival those in traditional media. The members of IATSE have voted to authorize their leadership to call a strike as negotiations with Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers have stalled.

Cultural and creative workers are vital participants in the U.S. economy. We applaud IATSE for their efforts to secure for their members better working conditions, fair wages, and respectful treatment.