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Design for Each and All: Michael Lloyd Spears

headshot for member spotlight of Michael Lloyd Spears

Michael Lloyd Spears

Freelance Graphic Designer
Michael Spears Design
Elmwood Park, NJ
Guild Member since 2021

How can design shape how people live well and flourish?

Through our five senses, our brains organize data into logical perceptions of the world as we experience it. I use design to honor variety, surpass borders, and improve quality of life.

Who is/are “each and all” and what is the context?

“Each and All” to me means all members of a group are considered individually. Ralph Waldo Emerson perhaps said it best in his 1836 book Nature: “All are needed by each one; Nothing is fair or good alone”.

How do you think about “just” and “fair” access in design?

Good designs can give all clients the fairest possible prospects to show what they know, can do and understand. The more I educate my clients about the impact of their design and how we can achieve the best possible results, the more they will contribute their ideas and arrive at an optimal solution.

How does design build a better — more inclusive, fairer — world?

I design with the understanding that by asking questions about our world and the people who live in it, I will increase my understanding of diversity and how I can design for everyone.

Design is Michael Lloyd Spears’ passion and his inspiration. He has a masterful knowledge of creative software and true savvy of its place within the arsenal. He also know what a pencil is, and he’s not afraid to use it!

Images © Michael Lloyd Spears. Used with permission.