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In today’s competitive business market, artists need every tool they can find to carve out a successful future. The Graphic Artists Guild offers these classes to the artistic community to build the continuing educational assets every professional needs to grow their business and the industry at large.

How to Create and Deliver Your Best Portfolio

Presented By: Donna Farrugia

Whether you’ve been in the graphic design industry for several years or you’re just starting out, your portfolio is your most vital sales tool. When hunting for a job, you’ll obviously want to create an online version for quick and easy viewing. But even in today’s digital world, employers will still want to see – and touch – a tangible portfolio before hiring you.

Program Highlights:

 - How to create a compelling hard-copy and online portfolio
 - Creative packaging ideas to showcase your work
 - How to present your work effectively to different types of hiring managers

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Artist to Rainmaker: A Possible Journey

Presented By: Wendy Weiss

Learn to turn your artistic sensibility into profit

Art is easy. Developing new business, on the other hand, is not. Given today's economy, knowing how to easily, inexpensively and effectively reach potential new clients is a must.

Program Highlights:
 - Learn to identify the prospects who are most likely to hire you
 - How to eliminate Telephone Terror and Call Reluctance
 - How to gain your prospects interest and trust
 - How to move prospects to take action
 - The three keys to becoming comfortable and effective on the telephone
 - Telephone Theater: It's not what you say it's how you say it

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Marketing Up: Finding Clients with Real Budgets

Presented By: Ilise Benun

Learn to take control of your business by becoming a Marketing Machine

Ask a creative how they get their clients and most will say, “Through word of mouth.” But word of mouth doesn’t always bring the clients you want. You know, the ones with budgets to afford your services. The alternative to word of mouth is a Marketing Machine: a structured campaign through which you actively pursue the prospects of your choosing with the most effective, and least expensive, marketing tools.

Program Highlights:
 - How to research (and where to find) the right prospects
 - How to choose the right prospects
 - How to reach out to the right prospects

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GOING VIRTUAL: What social networking can do for your business

Presented By: Robbin Block

Learn to use Social Networks effectively

Attending events is a great way to source leads and make valuable contacts, but who has time to visit them all? These days, it’s easy to enhance your efforts without leaving your chair. Robbin Block of Blockbeta Marketing will help you navigate the labyrinth of social media sites. She’ll help you understand how, when and where to use social media sites to effectively grow your business, and how to avoid wasting your time when attempting to do so.

Program Highlights:

-  9 ways social networks can help you market your business
- Who’s using them: Are they your potential customers?
- How to choose the right social networks (i.e., “should I be on Facebook?”)
- Strategies for making the most of your time.
- What it takes to build a profile, plus 6 ways to get in the mix.
- The rules of engagement: what to say – or not.

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What an Illustrator’s Rep Can and Can’t Do for You

Presented By: Vicki Morgan

Demystify what an artist’s representative does (and doesn’t do). Is hiring one the right move for you

The age-old conflict for artists who want to make a living is trying to balance the creative side with the business side. While promotion and marketing are crucial to success, they are very time-consuming activities that can take away from the creative process. Often artists also find themselves ill-equipped to handle the negotiations necessary to close a deal so that it’s in their best interest. For artists who don’t have the time or the inclination to handle the business side, hiring an artist’s representative (or agent) might be an ideal solution. Artist rep Vicki Morgan gives a detailed explanation of exactly what services an artist’s rep provides. She also shares her ingredients for a successful career and tips for positive negotiation.

Program Highlights:

- The Advantages of Having a Rep
- The Role of the Agency
- The Disadvantages of Having a Rep
- Finding a Rep
- Contacting an Agency
- Considering What’s a Good Match for You
- The Three Ts of a Successful Career
- Win-Win Negotiation
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Email and Websites and Blogs, Oh My!

Presented By: Dan Kittay

Leveraging Online Tools for Success

Internet marketing works, and this class puts it all together for you.

Internet marketing promotion with Web 2.0 applications is here to stay. The Internet is the fastest and cheapest way to market your business, and nobody can afford not to use it well. You’ll learn about all the options available for everything in your Internet marketing plan from blogs to e-newsletters. A workable web marketing strategy isn’t an option anymore – it’s a necessity and so is this class.

Program Highlights:

- Search Engine Ratings
- Monitoring Traffic
- Website Software
- Setting Up a Blog
- E-Newsletters
- Podcasting
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