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In today’s competitive business market, artists need every tool they can find to carve out a successful future. The Graphic Artists Guild offers these classes to the artistic community to build the continuing educational assets every professional needs to grow their business and the industry at large.


Presented By: Joyce Miller

Others Using Your Work; You Using Others' Work. The Rules of the Road

Every creative entering today’s marketplace needs a working knowledge of the copyright permissions process. Gaining an understanding of copyright clearance not only minimizes your risk of facing an infringement suit, but also empowers you to protect your own work from infringement. This teleclass will help you understand issues related to copyright in other’s use of your creative work and in your use of work created by others. In this information-packed teleconference.

Program Highlights:

 - Can someone legally use a certain amount of my work without my permission?
 - What if someone uses my work without my permission? What should I do?
 - What if someone uses another’s photo, illustration, or quotation without asking?
 - What’s the worst that can happen to them?
 - Can a photo of a famous work be used legally without permission?
 - May royalty-free and copyright-free items be used without paying a fee?
 - What information should I include in a permission request?

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Contract Workshop

Presented By: Robert Saunders

Art Contracts - Assert your requirements while remaining client friendly with your own professional contract.

Business agreements have to work for your benefit by asserting your needs and goals on every job while remaining client-friendly. An authoritative contractor agreement contains important considerations ranging from proper layout and style to copyright ownership. Understanding the art and science of contract negotiation and contract drafting is the only way to earn money and respect in the business world. The real-world advice of Rob Saunders is how to get there.

Program Highlights:

- 10 Reasons for a Contract
- Contract Components
- Clauses to Include
- Language & Style
- Revising a Contract
- Need an Employer ID?
- Preventing Scope Crawl
- The Importance of Venue
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Business Ethics: Using Contracts and Courtesy to Your Advantage

Presented By: Mark Monlux

Build your business on ethical business practices that yield a steady stream of assignments and referrals.

Good business ethics keeps customers coming back. Build the bedrock of your business with a steady stream of assignments and referrals based on this business ethics course that analyzes a variety of business ethics issues. Develop a practical code of business ethics based on 20 years of direct experience.

Program Highlights:

- Full Rights Buyout
- Moral Rights
- Copyright Law & Negotiation
- Indispensable Contract Clauses
- Responding to Derivative Work
- Ethics of Markups
- Confidence Builds Relationships
- How to Enforce Your Rights
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Own It, Protect It, Get Paid for It

Presented By: Bob Clarida

Protect your interests and negotiate wisely with tips that payoff when it matters most.

This teleclass will focus on copyright issues most relevant to working artists, including work-for-hire, joint authorship, copyright notice and registration, electronic rights, fair use, and stopping infringements. Fifteen minutes of the program will be devoted to answering your specific questions. By attending this teleclass, you will gain the most useful information about copyright that you’ve ever heard in 90 minutes.

Program Highlights:

- 3 Types of Ownership
- The 3 C's of Authorship
- Work-for-Hire Tips
- Copyright Registration
- Electronic Rights
- Remedies for Infringement
- Is it Infringement?
- Fair Use or Not
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Ebook Design: More than a Simple Conversion

with Kevin Callahan,

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October 17, 2018
2 PM ET, 1 PM CT, 12 PM MT, 11 AM PT
1 hour plus Q&A

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