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Ask a Pro! YOUR Q&A with a graphic designer and an illustrator

Presented by Rebecca Blake & Ed Shems

New York graphic design guru Rebecca Blake and Boston illustrator Ed Shems will answer your questions about working in the

About this webinar:

 - What's an invoice? 
 - How do I land my first client? 
 - What should I charge for a logo that will be used in print and also on the company website? 
 - Do I need a written contract for every job? 
 - When and how should I copyright something?

Our experts tell you all!

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What's it like to be a graphic designer or illustrator in the real world?

"Ask A Pro" is designed just for students to talk about the real-world side of being a creative professional.

About the Presenters:

Rebecca is Design Director at Optimum Design & Consulting, a full service design firm in NYC, and as a Guild board member, has conducted numerous webinars and seminars on pricing and estimating. She also heads a workgroup with ico-D, the International Council of Design.

Ed (edfredned.com) is a RISD graduate with 25 years' experience in digital illustration for children's books, chapter books, magazines, and other projects too numerous to write about in one small paragraph. Ed is the co-founder of Creative Relay and is the special guest coordinator for MICE (the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo).

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The Dinosaur's Drawing Tricks:
Advice from a Courtroom Artist

with LD Chukman,

Illustrated self portrait of LD Chukman

September 19, 2018
2 PM ET, 1 PM CT, 12 PM MT, 11 AM PT
1 hour plus Q&A

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