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Applying PEGs 15 to Your Everyday Business with Patricia McKiernan

Applying PEGs 15 to Your Everyday Business 

Presenter: Patricia McKiernan

About the Webinar

Some of the most common problems a graphic artist faces are caused by miscommunication.  In this webinar, we’ll show you how to use the Pricing and Ethical Guidelines Handbook (otherwise known as, PEGs) to help you minimize or prevent problems that you will most likely encounter when dealing with clients. The Handbook is more than just the pricing guidelines it contains. It is a rich source of information for the different facets of your business and make no mistake – when you set out on your own by freelancing, you are running a business. The Handbook has been a trusted guide for over 45 years and the current edition continues that tradition and can help you navigate the sometimes murky waters of being an independent contractor.

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Patricia McKiernan


About the Presenter

Patricia (Tricia) McKiernan is the former Executive Director of the Graphic Artists Guild. She joined the Guild in January 2000 as Public Relations Manager, assumed the role of Administrative Director in October 2004, and served as Executive Director from 2007 until January 2016. During her tenure with the Guild, Tricia fielded questions on a daily basis from members and non-members on every topic imaginable about graphic art, including copyright and infringement questions. 

Tricia is the Executive Editor for the last 5 editions (11 through 15) of the Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines(PEGs) and is consulting on the pre-production process for the upcoming 16th edition. First published as a 20-page pamphlet, the Guild’s Handbookis a 400+-page book now and is considered to be the industry bible. It is an indispensible resource for those working within the industry, creators and buyers alike.

What people are saying about the book:

“If you are an individual freelancer wondering how to deal with scope creep on a project, a small studio owner challenged by running your studio profitably, or a staff artist struggling to figure out how to deal with a bad contract, PEGs 15 has plenty to offer.” Lara Kisielewska, President, Graphic Artists Guild

“Highly recommend this latest edition of the Guild Handbook, especially for freelancers starting their own business. Lots of information about contracts, pricing and working with clients. Sample contract forms are a great starting point for developing you own documents.” — A. Beason, Tennessee, USA

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