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William Morse

Cartooning, Illustration

Dreams of a Cowgirl

Dreams of a Cowgirl

This was inspired by the utter stoic expression on a pony I sketched at a fair.

My Man Godfrey

My Man Godfrey

From a series of movie

Superb Owl 50

Superb Owl 50

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Office: 206-306-0101


About the Artist

William Morse is an experienced and talented illustrator and cartoonist. He is able to provide a variety of services including storyboards, comic books, comic strips, illustrations, concept designs, advertisements and promotional material. He is equally proficient in both traditional and digital mediums.

His talent is bolstered by his active imagination and creativity that allows him to create unique and original images in all genres including fantasy, science fiction, comedy and film noir.

Having worked in many levels of the corporate world he communicates with professionals and management understanding and enhancing their ideas to create a superior product.

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