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Tony Franco

Cartooning, Illustration

Franco, Tony:  Liberteria

Franco, Tony: Liberteria

Liberteria is a fantasy adventure concept about an inter-dimensional utopian society where everything considered fantasy on our world is real.  Liberteria was conceived from the research that I did for my Master’s thesis in Criminal Justice at John Jay College, which I couldn’t get sponsored.

Franco, Tony:  Knights of Atavar

Franco, Tony: Knights of Atavar

The Knights of Atavar is about a group of misfit animals, who were abducted and used for the scientific study of a would be despot with medieval fixations.  The animals escape and band together to form the Knights of Atavar to do battle with their oppressor and all of his ilk.

Franco, Tony:  Angelcheeks

Franco, Tony: Angelcheeks

Angelcheeks is a remarkable child, who is perpetually four years old.  She is the epitome of the sweetness and innocence of youth, yet is endowed with the genius of a Mensa scholar.  Dedicated to the altruistic wishes of her late father, Angelcheeks vows to use her special skills and talents, and with her team, to help all those in need and to stamp out “Nautiness” where ever it may be.

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Cell: 201-658-9575


About the Artist

I’ve been freelancing since 1978 as a cartoonist and writer, primarily in comic books, animation, and developing concepts and characters for licensing.

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