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Robert Hinkel


'They Had Made the Woods', Hinkel RJ 0791.jpg

'They Had Made the Woods', Hinkel RJ 0791.jpg

wood engraving and linoleum block print;  image size 3.75” x 6.75”; paper size 7.25” x 11”; paper: Arches cover—white; edition limited to 56

Contact Information


Office: 218-722-2910
Cell: 218-340-4097


About the Artist

I am a printer and bookbinder, and proprietor of the Tight Squeek Press.  Regarding my graphic arts work, my primary medium is printmaking, specifically in multi-color block print illustration through relief printing.

My designs begin as sketches and drawings.  These I transfer to linoleum and/or end-grain maple blocks into which I carve or engrave my images.  Using letterpress equipment, I pull proofs, refine and adjust the images as needed, and then run limited editions of my designs on either commercial or hand-made papers.

My typical projects include limited edition printmaking, fine press book design and illustration, and fine press book production.

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