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Graphic Design

Ellman Family Vineyards - Brand Refresh

Ellman Family Vineyards - Brand Refresh

Most wine brands bank on heritage and legacy to design their identity.
We didn’t. To be honest, we didn’t have one. But what we had was authenticity. If we had to literally translate the design into words it would read - ‘Authentic and true wines that transports you right to the vine’. Working collaboratively with the client, together, we transformed the purest form of the brands character into an simple yet effective identity, from the vines to the bottle on the shelf.

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About the Artist

I am a graphic designer from India. Born and brought up in Bombay, I’ve served in the Indian Army for seven years before changing battlefields for the world of advertising. There I found my calling for design. I now work in the space where brand, design and communications converge—striving to design human solutions to business problems. I am now the design director at Wasabi Rabbit, New York and I’m excited to see where design takes me next.

Professional Summary: Seven years of comprehensive experience in brand, design and communication. Ability to craft engaging brand expressions across a variety of platforms, utilizing form, color, type, grid and imagery. An aptitude for comprehending business needs, transforming brand strategies into effective design solutions.

Expertise: Brand Identity, Graphic Design & Art Direction.

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