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Piero Salardi

Art Director, Graphic Design, Package Design

Pisco Pozo Santo - Branding

Pisco Pozo Santo - Branding

The name Pozo Santo (Sacred Pond) came from an old legend in Peru. According to the legend, a Franciscan monk was leading a group across the dessert and ran across a dune. Desperate for a drink of water, he fell to his knees and began to excavate the sand with his bare hands. Amazingly, crystal clear water spewed out from the dune, the monk and his followers were saved and were witnesses of this miraculous event. Ultimately, making Pozo Santo into the symbol of faith and the region known for its sacred and fertile water perfect for grape growing.

We have taken this legend and have created a sophisticated Brand. Four separate bottles have been designed; each has a unique and elegant touch that represents the different flavors offered by Pisco Pozo Santo: Acholado, Quebranta, Italia and Torontel.

The layout and design of the label consists of Fibonacci sequence grid positioning typography and graphics, making all of the elements come together harmoniously and in perfect balance for a more pleasing look and effect. The Pisco Pozo Santo symbol represents a sacred pond that is surrounded by a drop of water that is enclosed by rays of light and it contains a cross on top that symbolizes the “sacredness” of the well.  A large scale of the bottle is frosted finished and the label is screen-printed. The graphic contains a slight swirl in color, which represents the water falling from the dune, and it also defines the four types of flavors. The icon has been branded on top of the cork to continue the feel of tradition in the design.

Uncle Funky's Daughter - Re-branding

Uncle Funky's Daughter - Re-branding

A company dedicated to curly hair care products. Paraben, sulfate and overall junk-free. Uncle Funky’s Daughter’s product line includes cleansers, conditioners, moisturizers, curl definers and stylers using renewable plant resources of aloe, coconut, and olive as bases.
The brand is created to serve the curly hair community and manage their hair naturally.

The foundation of the logo has eight interconnecting circles, forming a geometrical pattern in radial balance. In between this circles, gaps of 8 are created, from center to end, with an 8 point double star in the middle. Encapsulated by an octagon chain and an outer more thin line.

The labels were carefully designed to be aligned with the design and layout of the original label to provide a smooth transition into the re-branding process.

Alacran Records - Corporate Identity

Alacran Records - Corporate Identity

A record company in the heart of Miami Beach, gathering, managing and producing new and well-known artists from around the world.

Alacran Records logo is made of by the number 3 and an inverted number 9 as the base. They create three perfect circles that give symmetry and stability forming an iconic, well represented, modern Alacran (Scorpion) logo. Copper foil over a dark blue paper added in print design gives the brand a sophisticated, and brilliant look and feel.

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I’m a multidisciplinary graphic designer with a solid background in branding, packaging and corporate identity. Driven by my clients’ passions and dreams, I bring their visions to life - merging their stories with creative imagination. I focus on the qualities that make them who they are, and the results are unique and captivating designs.

My goal is to support, translate, and implement ideas by creating exclusive and memorable designs reflecting the core value of every project.

My clients proudly share my values as contributors to society and the human condition.
These are individuals, businesses, communities… and even nations.

I’m a global citizen with clients around the world!

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