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Mirjam Clement

Fine Art

Illustration from a graphic novel I'm working on.

Illustration from a graphic novel I'm working on.

Digitally altered drawing.
Personal project.



2011, Acrylic on canvas, 110cm x 85cm

Birds over Tree

Birds over Tree

2004, Acrylic on canvas, 75cm x 110cm

Contact Information


Cell: 8186066823


About the Artist


I`m a Norwegian artist living in Los Angeles these days. I grew up in my parents frame shop in small town of Norheimsund, by the Hardangerfjord in West Norway.
While growing up in Norway, I spent a lot of time with my late grandparents on the island-group of Austevoll, and they let me use their big red barn as a studio to paint in. I still paint in that barn when I visit.

I exchanged to Accademia Di Belle Arti in Boglonia, Italy after attending Bergen National Academy of the Arts in Bergen, Norway. I eventually traveled to USA where I met my husband, and I know have been living in Los Angeles the past 4 years.

Studying Visual Communication around the time Mac computers were changing from “OS 9.0” to their new “X” system, I crossed over between Mac’s and PC’s and never figure out the best way to get my prints to come out right, as they always were pixelated. I then thought, pixels would make beautiful paintings and I can’t waste all this “pixel knowledge”, so this became my main inspiration for composing opaque shapes and “pixels” in my paintings.

Today I work on my own paintings and illustrations as well as doing digital character-design and vector-graphic for the movie industry.

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