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Michael C. Fleishman

Cartooning, Fine Art, Illustration

Card Bored?

Card Bored?

One piece donated to the recent auction for our local art council. I’ve been doing a lot of work in cardboard. Notice that the frame is cardboard, too!

You're Such a Card!

You're Such a Card!

Another piece donated to the recent auction for our local art council.



The cardboard pieces all start with ink drawings like this one (invariably of machinery or duct work). Call it Duct Soup.

Contact Information

www. michaelfleishman.com

Office: 9377677955
Cell: 9377677955


About the Artist

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, and after 30+ years living and scribbling in Yellow Springs, Ohio, I moved to Delaware and am absolutely LOVING the place. My wife and I bought a beautiful house close enough to the beach (9 minutes down the road) and are establishing residence and setting up shop. We kinda feel like we won the lottery.

My new studio is big, and hopping. Right now, the studio is a bit discombobulated as we wind up some construction down there, but my art still rocks our absolutely cavernous basement. And the writing gig still rolls on—my book # 8, Starting Your Career As An Illustrator, is on the shelves. Check it out!

I teach for two neighboring town art councils, as well as work part time as a writing tutor at a local Community College. I still do illustration gigs, but on both the academic and freelance fronts I am somewhat semi-retired; which is just fine.

All the guitars are out. I don’t play as much as I should, but I’m gonna change that.


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