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Mark Monlux

Cartooning, Illustration

Roller Derby Poster

Roller Derby Poster

This Roller Derby Poster incorporated team logos as tattoos on the final poster with dates and venues on the top and bottom free. Here it is presented without the additions. The poster was a big hit as the focus was on the referees who are usually never featured in the posters.

Your Money is Working for You

Your Money is Working for You

This was one of three images in a brochure used to show how your money was doing things and not just sitting around.

Tiki Robot

Tiki Robot

I love drawing tikis and robots. I thought I’d have fun combining them for this image submitted to the Monster and Dames book for ECCC.

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About the Artist

Mark Monlux is an award winning illustrator and cartoonist. His first was at the age of ten when he won the national safety poster contest. He graduated from Central Washington University with a BA in Graphic Art in 1985 and has freelanced full-time ever since. While the bulk of his work has been in the adverting and publishing world, his work in recent years has turned to various aspects of Graphic Facilitation; Whiteboard Animation, Ideation Illustration, Graphic Recording, , Sketchnoter, and Cartoon Reporter. He has a national reputation for his knowledge on copyright law, contracts, good trade practice, and business ethics. He cofounded The C.L.A.W. The Cartoonists’ League of Absurd Washingtonians, served on the National Executive Committee of the Graphic Artist Guild for over a decade, and is a member of the National Cartoonists Society and Cartoonists Northwest. He lives in Tacoma, Washington with his loving wife.

His cartooning style is described as very tight, with whimsy and humor.

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