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Lynjai Jimenez

Fine Art

Side of Bull

Side of Bull

Charcoal drawing of a bull’s skull.

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Office: 240-505-8460
Cell: 2405058460


About the Artist

Art is a freedom of creativity and expression.  When you have reached that sense of accomplishment and the proud feeling of positive feedback from others, art continues to grow to become more inspiring.  Through art, artistic values shape how I represent my guiding principles, my motivation, and the influences in the attitude I have and how I act. My mind views the world from different angles and mentally structures and arranges my creative ideas into art.  Every drawing, painting, or other form of art I have created has a sporadic style.  The styles of drawing are the key to producing my visions into physical art with various media such as graphite/charcoal, digital, oil, acrylic, tempura, ink, and pastels.  My linework, value range, and the use of colors are my strongest points in any art I create. My theme and style will never be the same, being different using a variety of movement with strokes and color is what makes each art piece unique.

        When I was a child, I watched a PBS show called Secret City that taught kids how to draw which piqued my interest into drawing.  My inspirational moment was when my teacher had the students draw or color something from a book.  I drew the front cover of the Bernstein Bears book using construction paper, pencil, and color pencils.  My teacher showed my drawing to the class in excitement and hung it up in the school hallway for everyone to see.  To have that encouragement and excitement from someone, I knew from that moment art will be a part of me throughout my life.

        Through years of training, I have learned many forms of art, painting, sculpting, digital, and drawing with different types of materials.  With this knowledge, I am graduating from Howard Community College with three Associate degrees in Art, Graphic & Interactive Design, and General Studies.  Using the resources to produce my art will be a step forward into the world and inspire others with my creations.  Art is my relief from life and gives me the freedom to express my imagination in different types of art to have fun, be creative, and accomplish making a form of art look amazing and beautiful for the world to see.

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