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Lyn Alice

Fine Art, Illustration, Surface & Textile

Iridaceae, Iris 'cantina'

Iridaceae, Iris 'cantina'

Botanical Illustration, Purple Iris, Watercolor

Spot Illustration ~ Grit Magazine,

Spot Illustration ~ Grit Magazine,

Illustrating, letters from readers, displaying Historic Apron Usage. ~ Dyes

Seed Packet Illustration ~ Botanical Interests, inc.

Seed Packet Illustration ~ Botanical Interests, inc.

Vanilla Ice Sunflower ~ Watercolor

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Office: 219-205-2685


About the Artist

I absolutely LOVE to Illustrate!

I’m a good all-arounder and enjoy all types of subject matter.

My clients include; ‘Mother Earth News’, Capper’s Farmer’, and ‘Grit’ Magazines, Botanical Interests, Inc., and the Denver Botanical Gardens, among others. My experience includes in-house publishing in all media, as well as freelancing. I’ve had the recent opportunity to spend some time at the School of Botanical Art & Illustration in Denver, Colorado where I was able to work alongside other great illustrators with a focus on botanical illustration. I am a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators and have two pieces in their 2016 Juried Exhibition.

My professional sites are listed below:

Looking forward to hearing from you!
~Lyn Alice

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