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Lisette N. Rotman

Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Developer

The Cow Who Freed Himself

The Cow Who Freed Himself

This digital illustration is inspired by the cow who freed himself from a NY slaughterhouse and now resides at a sanctuary in NJ, Skylands Animal Sanctuary. I started off with a sketch and then created the rest in Photoshop, combining shapes and colors with various textures.

Cat Lovers Over The Moon

Cat Lovers Over The Moon

Digital illustration created in Photoshop.

Neah Lee CD Photography & Package Design

Neah Lee CD Photography & Package Design

Photography and CD Design for Neah Lee’s second full length release.

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Office: 347-470-2787


About the Artist

I have always appreciated creative expression that makes me feel something in my gut. I love expressing myself through art, music and photography. With my art, I find it inspiring to combine traditional and digital media in the same piece. I may start with a drawing on paper, scan it and then use Photoshop and Illustrator to create the lines and colors. I love using a very wide range of colors and textures in my work. I often will take photographs and scans of objects, such as old paper or leaves, and use them as fills or backgrounds for parts of the pictures. I like the interaction of clean, solid areas with grungy, rotting textures. When working with traditional media, I enjoy combining oil paints with charcoal and pastels so I can create that contrast that I am looking for.  I also have a passion for creating fun, whimsical pieces of people and animals with big, strange eyes. I plan to focus on creating more of this type of work to help raise awareness and funds for animal organizations. I recently illustrated a children’s book for a series encouraging pet adoption. For over 10 years, I have also been working as a graphic and web design consultant for various start ups, large businesses and non-profit organizations.

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