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Lisette N. Rotman

Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Developer

The Cow Who Freed Himself

The Cow Who Freed Himself

This digital illustration is inspired by the cow who freed himself from a NY slaughterhouse and now resides at a sanctuary in NJ, Skylands Animal Sanctuary. I started off with a sketch and then created the rest in Photoshop, combining shapes and colors with various textures.

Sweet Goat with Flower Crown Portrait

Sweet Goat with Flower Crown Portrait

Digital illustration created in Photoshop.

Neah Lee CD Photography & Package Design

Neah Lee CD Photography & Package Design

Photography and CD Design for Neah Lee’s second full length release.

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Office: 347-470-2787


About the Artist

I love creative expression through art and music because it moves me deeply and taps into something inside my soul. It allows me to express things that I cannot express with words. I graduated with a BFA in Illustration at FIT’s School of Art and Design, where I was exposed to photography and graphic design as well as painting and mixed media. After college, I was fortunate to land an internship with the brilliant illustrator, Otto Steininger, and assisted him with various illustration and design projects.

Whether working with traditional or digital media, I enjoy mixing clean, solid areas with grungy textures. I often incorporate photographs and scans of textures into fills and backgrounds in my digital artwork. I adore color and am fascinated that there are infinite shades of each one - even gray! I have a passion for creating fun, whimsical pieces of people and animals with big, strange eyes. Sometimes mysterious, sometimes joyful, I usually create the eyes first - to form a connection and bond with the character. I am dedicated to animal rights and have begun using my work to help raise awareness and funds for animal organizations.

In 2014, I illustrated and designed a children’s book that was part of a series promoting dog adoption. In late 2015, after a long hiatus due to my design career, I began dedicating much needed time to my visual art again. I joined The Art of Compassion Project in 2017, an international collective art project involving vegan artists from all over the world. My digital art piece “We Want To Live Free,” was chosen as the August image for their 2018 Vegan Art Calendar, in support of A Well-Fed World. Two of my digital art pieces were exhibited in Jersey City’s Art & Studio Tour 2017. In late 2017, I opened an online shop of my whimsical arts & goods, where a portion of every purchase goes to support animal organizations.

I have been working as an artist and graphic & web designer for almost 15 years in the NJ/NY area. I have worked with a variety of clients including artists, small and large businesses, non-profits and tech startup companies. My resume includes web design, landing pages, logos and branding, CD design, invitation design, promotional and marketing materials, brochures, packaging and more. I love combining my illustrations with design and enjoy working in different styles. I work primarily with Adobe CC, HTML, CSS, Wordpress, Squarespace and MailChimp.

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