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Lili Chin


Dogs Playing Twister

Dogs Playing Twister

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About the Artist

My name is Lili Chin and I have been working professionally as an artist since the mid 1990’s.

My background is in 2D animation. I relocated from Australia to the USA in the early 2000’s and co-created, designed and produced “Mucha Lucha” - a hit children’s animated series at Warner Bros Animation, featuring masked wrestlers.

I started DOGGIE DRAWINGS in April 2008 where I take commissions for custom pet portraits; create designs and infographics for dog-related businesses, vets, and humane professional dog trainers. My dog body language/behavior artwork has appeared in textbooks, art museums, on television, in law enforcement and therapy dog training programs, on dog-lovers’ websites, and more recently in a World Health Organization campaign.

I am also working on a self-published project featuring my “Dogs of the World” series (www.doggiedrawings.net/dow), and selling art prints and merchandise featuring these dog breed designs.

Please visit www.lilichin.com to see my non dog-related illustration projects.

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