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Kevin Kernan

Graphic Design

UDEL BFA Catalog

UDEL BFA Catalog

For the University of Delaware, we wanted to create a catalog where the viewer would have instant access to information about the university’s BFA and BA programs. By not having a cover and providing details about the programs on the very first page, the catalog immediately exposes the information about the university the second the user views the catalog. The missing cover allows the user to access the details about the university easily, all while maintaining a visually appealing design which combines two different sized books that come together to create the catalog.

Muhlenberg College Martin Art Gallery

Muhlenberg College Martin Art Gallery

GDLOFT designed this exhibition catalog for the Muhlenberg College art show Paper Architecture, which was held at the college’s Martin Art Gallery. Serving as a traditional catalog and as a work included in the show, the piece invites viewers to take ownership of its design by simply folding back the die cuts on the cover. Thus, no two catalog designs were the same. GDLOFT signed 200 catalogs and folded the die cuts on their covers into various shapes and patterns.

PEW Institute: Heritage Philadelphia Program

PEW Institute: Heritage Philadelphia Program

For its 2011 program No Idea Too Ridiculous, The Pew Institute selected museum organizations each to develop a project on a $1000 budget. Central to the program was the idea that creative practice requires a consciousness of real and imagined constraints. The program’s fixed budget stimulated creativity among the constituents, compelling them to take risks, and allowing them to learn from one another.

GDLOFT designed this catalog to reflect the diverse yet integrated nature of the program. The catalog consists of eight booklets, each conceptually representing one of the individual organizations’ projects. The booklets, which are saddle stitched together, converge to form a cohesive experience. The structure of the catalog reflects this design; the booklets function as standalone units or when combined. Their joined form is staggered to add complexity to the production. We hand-aligned and stapled all three thousand catalogs.

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About the Artist

GDLOFT is an award winning collaborative design studio based in Philadelphia, specializing in elevating the visibility and accessibility of creative, cultural, and educational institutions and individuals. For 15 years, we have worked with local and international artists, higher education institutions, cultural art institutions, nonprofit organizations, and much more.

Our approach blends expertise in nonprofit best practices with a rigorously artistic approach, supporting creative organizations, universities, and non-profits beyond the typical design process. Our team offers support on grant proposals, and guides partners through project conceptualization, design, and final delivery.

GDLOFT’s designers are experts in providing design solutions for nonprofits, educational institutions, and creative organizations. Drawing on strategies found in fine arts, music, architecture, and social sciences, we apply an adaptable approach to projects large and small to create solutions that fit our clients’ needs and the needs of their audience.

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