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Jonni M. Bailey

Art Director, Graphic Design

Montrose Travel Brand Image

Montrose Travel Brand Image

As a Top 35 Travel Management company, Montrose Travel, located in Montrose California, holds itself to high standards – this rings true even more so for their Corporate Services team.
In 2011 Ruff Haus was hired to create a brand image for MTCS that would help them stand out in the typical gray world of corporate travel through bold colors, vibrant images and a little ‘tude. This brochure helps illustrate that image.
Since working with Ruff Haus Design, MTCS has increased sales each year by up to 40%.

The Bishop's School Fundraising

The Bishop's School Fundraising

Founded in 1909 and located in La Jolla, California, The Bishop’s School is an independent coeducational college preparatory day school.
Ruff Haus Design helps The Bishop’s School with its fundraising, school communications, signage, branded giveaway items, reunion materials, web graphics, special events and Summer School materials. We have also worked with them to create a more cohesive look among the school’s various departments. Ruff Haus has provided successful creative solutions within the schools’ limited budget and maintained a level of quality befitting a school of its stature in the community.

BioSeal Systems Direct Mail Package

BioSeal Systems Direct Mail Package

BioSeal Systems human remains containment solutions have been used at every national disaster that has occured since 1997. In 2009 BioSeal hired Ruff Haus Design to update their brand image starting with their logo. RHD successfully established a consistant image and language that has increased brand recognition and customer understanding of the benefits these systems provide. This Direct Mail Package captures the essence of the brand image we developed.

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About the Artist

We are a boutique graphic design and marketing communications company that specializes in bringing your brand story and experience to life. We utilize strategy to create informed design solutions that expand your market reach and help your business grow.

4 Services Overview:
• Marketing Consulting & Planning
• Brand Image Development & Management
• Graphic Design for Print, Web & Video

We help increase the value of your strongest asset—your brand image.
Your brand is an intangible asset that is critical to driving your business success, and success requires collaboration. Whether your company has a marketing department or not, our experienced and responsive team will blend seamlessly with yours, so you can feel confident your needs are being met.

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