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John M. Danek

Graphic Design, Illustration, Package Design

2D Illustration

2D Illustration

Self imposed assignment to recreate a product package by hand using Illustrator and updating the look and feel.

Book Cover

Book Cover

Complete back-cover, spine, end tabs, and cover layout, design, and final artwork file for publication.

Menu Design

Menu Design

Created this salon menu while also establishing a new brand identity, new approach to logo design, and transparent visual effects.

Contact Information


Office: 413-534-5162
Cell: 413-374-5137


About the Artist


•  Conceptual design via:
–  thumbnails for approvals
–  marker comps for approvals
–  preliminary inkjets for approval

•  Photo direction, illustration and print supervision

•  Page layout, template, grid, typesetting and color   correction via:
–  Quark®XPress™
–  Photoshop™, Illustrator™

•  Proofing via “Contract” proofer
–  establish proper color management using hardware and software profiling and ColorSync setups.

•  Design with production in mind:
–  use proper and appropriate color space
–  follow proper and appropriate color management protocols.
–  administer correct color naming, trapping, and overprints where applicable.

Experience garners wisdom and knowledge.  Area printers respect my flawless mechanicals, photography, typesetting and are always impressed at how well my work performs on press.
This experience has transitioned over to digital,  I trained with the best and in 1995 earned certification in Illustrator™, Photoshop™, and Quark®. Skills include illustration, copywriting, and production.


I’ve had the unique experience in setting up my own work space as a free lance designer working out of my home studio.  Many considerations have been taken into consideration to establish an efficient, value added system good for the long haul.  While talent can’t go it alone, here are some tools that have helped me meet 100% customer satisfaction, on-time and within budget:

•  Adobe® Design Suite
    –  Illustrator™
    –  InDesign™
    –  Photoshop™
    –  Acrobat™
    –  GoLive™

•  Macromedia® Studio™
    –  Dreamweaver™
    –  Fireworks™
    –  Flash™

•  Quark® XPress™

•  Ray Dream® Design™
    –  Add Depth™

•  Microsoft® Office™
    –  Word
    –  Excel
    –  Powerpoint

...and other print + web applications

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