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Jim Leonardson

Graphic Design, Illustration, Pre-Production

Frankenstein book cover

Frankenstein book cover

This cover uses an ambiguous image that can represent either the monster or Dr. Frankenstein. Many chapters occur during winter storms so the figure is rendered as if it is seen through a frosted window.

The Mask of Command book cover

The Mask of Command book cover

This book describes several types of commander, starting with heroic type who always leads from the front, represented by Alexander the Great. A 19th century etching of Alexander taming Bucephalus was scanned into a vector form and re-rendered to appear as a carved stone relief.

Paradise Lost book cover

Paradise Lost book cover

The background shows heaven in chaos while the title typography works as a window to hell. The S letters merge to form the serpent.

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Office: (773) 384-1749


About the Artist

Jim is a graphic designer,typographer, illustrator, and production artist in Chicago, Illinois.

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