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Jennifer Shiman

Cartooning, Illustration, Motion Graphics

30-Second Bunnies Theater

30-Second Bunnies Theater

In which the 30-Second Bunnies Theatre re-enact movies in roughly 30 seconds.

NEW! 2018 bunny season in full swing on Patreon!

View the entire 30-Second Bunnies library at angryalien.com.

Titanic in 30 Seconds and Re-enacted by Bunnies

Titanic in 30 Seconds and Re-enacted by Bunnies

The Titanic was an unsinkable ship. What could possibly go wrong? The bunnies provide their synopsis of the epic movie in 30 seconds, more or less.

View: http://www.angryalien.com/0604/titanicbunnies.html

Watch all 88-ish animated bunnifications at angryalien.com.

Baldwin P. Leninforth, Ombudsman

Baldwin P. Leninforth, Ombudsman

...In which a mild-mannered, semi-aquatic mammal manages and mediates bureaucratic corporate conflicts for demons.

In this partial update of the storyline “The Inventor”, Mr. Leninforth follows the demon Bruschetta to his office in the Realm of the Abysmal.

Follow Mr. Leninforth’s adventures at http://angryalien.com/ombudsm

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About the Artist

am Jennifer Shiman, cartoonist, content developer, storyteller and creator of 30-Second Bunnies Theatre and other festive items. I love storytelling. My passion is developing engaging content viewable across multiple media platforms.

Since 2004, I have created and produced over 90 short cartoons with bunnies re-enacting movies in (approximately) 30 seconds. The award-winning shorts have appeared on broadcast tv, on demand, online and in a global ad campaign.

I started Angry Alien Productions in 1998 to focus on content development, digital design and production. I enjoy distributing creative work directly to a global audience. I got my graduate degree in Media Studies in 1994 from the University of London Institute of Education and my undergraduate degree in International Political Economy/International Communication from the University Professors Program (Boston University) in 1991.

Awards for 30-Second Bunnies Theatre:
Webby Award 2008 - Online Film and Video/Animation
Webby Award 2008 - People’s Choice
2 Gold Lions, 1 Silver Lion, Cannes International Advertising Festival 2006
Best Internet series - Ottawa International Film Festival 2004

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