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Israel Singer

Art Director, Graphic Design, Illustration

Three Year Book

Three Year Book

Brochure cover for NYS Department of Social Services.

My News Wizard Character and Branding Campaign

My News Wizard Character and Branding Campaign

Character illustration and overall branding design for website and collateral.



Watercolor and digital illustration; one of a series of science fiction/space travel works.

Contact Information


Office: 5184638801
Cell: 5184280941


About the Artist

Israel Singer is an art director, graphic designer, illustrator and multimedia artist with extensive professional experience; a results-focused problem solver with hands-on technical skills, offering art direction, project supervision, team mentoring, and a passion for graphic design and its vital role in organizational success.  He has applied his talents to a wide array of organizations including advertising, education, broadcasting, and life sciences.

Israel’s service offerings include Corporate identity / logo design / branding campaigns, print design, advertising design and copy, illustration via traditional and digital media, web design, still photography, video production and motion graphics,
project team direction and mentoring.

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