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Phonics for Reading and Understanding

Phonics for Reading and Understanding

Phonics for Reading and Understanding provides systematic practice in English sound/spelling patterns by means of pictures, words grouped according to sound patterns, and words in the context of sentences, all combined into exercises that develop an automatic, intuitive to decode and understand written English.

ESL Imprinted

ESL Imprinted

ESL Imprinted offers materials promoting English as a second language, with an emphasis on literacy as an aid to language acquisition.

The Blessing Book, Revised and Expanded

The Blessing Book, Revised and Expanded

I was contracted in the fall of 2015 to redesign the current format into a more extensive chapter book. This revised and expanded edition divides the sections into chapters but keeps the dates as in the first edition. This version has monthly reflections and action options sprinkled throughout to encourage the reader further in their journey.

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About the Artist

As an adept and purposeful designer, I’ve learned by adapting to complex situations and tackle each project head-on. I strive to find the most appropriate way of conveying each message to successfully reach my audience.

My appreciations for all facets of art, design, and basically anything creative, drive my will to learn new things every day and not just stick to one medium. That’s why I do graphic design: because of all the possibilities.

At this time in my life I’ve decided to be my own boss. I’m in the early stages of my growing my business. My days are filled with reading, researching and selling myself for prospective clients.

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