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Eric Allen

Graphic Design

BICP Trade Magazine Cover

BICP Trade Magazine Cover

This cover along with the balance of the magazine is being developed as a piece of marketing collateral showcased the diverse skill set of the team/designers for the company.

Simplified design, copy in line with the identity of the company, color in line with the identity as well as a structure that demands the viewer to read, rather than be distracted by other visual elements.

Contact Information


Office: 7324970672
Cell: 2032731258


About the Artist

Freelance Artist/Designer having worked a large cross section of visual communications from illustration to design.  Brand identity to marketing campaigns, package design, commercial fine arts and so much more.  By rights I am a visual communicator with a concentration in illustration and design but the fact is, I often find my positions and contracts require to me far more versed than those concentrations.

In addition to extensive work and project types, I have been part of the education community, having worked with both children and adults with behavioral and learning disabilities, teaching basic graphic design, drawing and photography, as well as working in the graphic design degree track as a teaching assistant for a NJ based community college.

As is the case with most freelancers, our list of who we’ve done work for tends to be extensive.  So much so that our CVs can often read like short novels.  If you’d like to know more about my work history please feel free to ask me.

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