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E. J. Barnes

Cartooning, Illustration, Teaching Professional

Laird MacGuffin's Treasury Page 12 of 24

Laird MacGuffin's Treasury Page 12 of 24

Page 12 of a 24-page comic book self-published in August 2017. Book can be purchased at http://www.drownedtownpress.com/macguffin.html



An editorial illustration for the website of Thomsen and Burke LLP of Baltimore, MD. Article with illustration can be seen at https://t-b.com/practices/jurisdiction/

Spirits & Seekers: Cagliostro in Courland (Page 2 of 282, version 1)

Spirits & Seekers: Cagliostro in Courland (Page 2 of 282, version 1)

Page 2 of historical graphic novel _Spirits and Seekers: Cagliostro in Courland_, written and illustrated by E. J. Barnes (in progress)

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About the Artist

Illustrator, cartoonist, animator, and sequential artist E. J. Barnes uses ink, watercolor, gouache, scratchboard, and digital media to tell stories and make humorous and sometimes poignant observations. Her gag and editorial cartoons have been published in various publications. Her illustrations have been used by periodicals, book publishers, commercial clients, and nonprofits.

Her sequential art has appeared in numerous anthologies. E. J. also self-publishes her own comics as Drowned Town Press. Her award-winning animated film, Leatherwing Bat, has shown in film festivals across the United States, as well as in Canada and the Bahamas.

E. J. is a graduate of Harvard University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. She maintains her studio in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her comic books may be found at comic book specialty stores across the United States.

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