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Danielle Moalem

Graphic Design

Brooklyn Magazine

Brooklyn Magazine

Collage series designed for the Fall 2017 print issue of Brooklyn Magazine.

These illustrations were created for an essay written by Sid Orlando— “We Decided to Roast a Chicken,” a piece about finding comfort in food and the presence of friends during stressful times.

Contact Information


Cell: 8189704882


About the Artist

Danielle is an NYC/Providence-based art director, graphic designer, illustrator, and
photographer. She strives to create work that encourages social and political action and using
design as a tool to make the world a better place. Some of her notable past work experience
includes working on digital design for NYLON Magazine and creative direction for the NYC-based
fitness app, SoQuick.

While studying Graphic Design at the Rhode Island School of Design, she runs a freelance
design business, working on visual branding identity, advertisements, illustrations, social
media, and photography. A few of her past freelance clients include Brooklyn Magazine, The
Container Store, Pizza Hut, Cecelia New York, Bootay Bag, Double Tap NYC, 1Time Apparel,
and Angelo Elia Pizza, Bar, Tapas.

As a designer, Danielle is definitely detail-oriented but can be very experimental with her stylistic approaches. Most of her personal work incorporates a mixture of digital design, photography, and hand-drawn illustrations, with concepts that aim to evoke social or political awareness and action. Danielle holds aesthetics and concepts to the same degree, making sure that every design choice is backed up with meaning. When working with clients, she tends to put her personal favored aesthetics aside and create work that fits the image their brand. Danielle makes sure every design choice has meaning and aims to create work that is beautiful but sends a clear message.

Danielle is also a strong believer in the power of collaboration. She finds design to be the perfect platform to bring together different creative approaches to work together to create solutions, and as a tool for self-education. She sees design as more than just a website or book, and believes in collaboration to push boundaries and make the world a better (and a more aesthetically pleasing) place to live in.

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