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Daniel Constance

Web Developer



Paragon is a personal project of mine. The goal was to make a jewelry website that was as elegant as the jewelry it was advertising.

The website is coded in a way that allows for some elements (like container backgrounds, banners, and maps) to span the full 100%, while other elements (like text and imagery) remain confined to more localized areas of a page.

I used flexbox to build the sorting system on the “Shop” page. Flexbox is a relatively new addition to HTML and can be described as tricky but useful. I’ve wanted to build something with flexbox for a long time, and saw this as an opportunity to build upon my skills. Not only did I learn a new trick, but I also created a sorting system that is primarily HTML based and requires only a small amount of jQuery to tie in the functionality of the drop-down selector. Nifty, right?

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About the Artist

I am a website + multimedia designer striving to be successful doing what I love. You learn something new everyday, and everyday I gain a little more experience through the content that I produce.

My main focuses are UI/UX design, motion graphics, and graphic design, but I am also versed in photography and video production. I have been designing websites professionally since 2012, and am always looking for the next challenge. Staying on the leading edge of industry standards is something that I take very seriously.

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