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Dana Turner

Graphic Design

Retro Camping

Retro Camping

This image was created for a Triptych project in my Professional Portfolio Class. The image represents “camping”, which is one of three hobbies from which the Triptych was made. The two matching pieces that go with this body of work include the named images, “Horseshoes”, and “Fishing”. All work was created In Adobe Illustrator CC (2015).

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About the Artist

Dana is a Maryland based Graphic Design student who specializes in card design, illustration, and cartooning. Dana’s work often exhibits her love for retrospection and nostalgia, or “making old things new”. Most of her designs include various contrasting colors combined with simple typography, which is a common trademark of Dana’s work. She has a very strong work ethic, with strict attention to detail and is passionate about delivering products that are of the utmost quality.

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