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Brett Stone

Graphic Design, Pre-Production

Contstantian's Rhinoplasty Craft & Magic

Contstantian's Rhinoplasty Craft & Magic

For Dr. Constantian’s Rhinoplasty: Craft & Magic, I tackled thousands of images spanning several decades of the surgeon’s work.

Besides handing the large quantity, hundreds of images were digitized from 35 mm slides. Due to the film’s age, many images were declining in quality; further degradation occurred during scanning. These issues were corrected prior to publishing.

Case studies were presented with customized color backgrounds to indicate preoperative and postoperative images. To highlight form, many silhouettes were created from the original photos, often combined with the customized background. Special care was given to maintain the integrity of the form, as rhinoplasty procedures are measured in millimeters, and maintaining precision was vitally important to the author and editorial team.

To protect patient identity, I created a unique graphic effect successfully hiding the identifying characteristics of patients while allowing their nose to be on display. This effect was applied to hundreds of images.

Services contributed:
Cover and interior production, interior template creation based on design, image processing and evaluation, image editing, photo color correction, prepress, illustration labeling, asset management, archiving

Title: Rhinoplasty: Craft & Magic
Author: Dr. Mark B. Constantian
Published by Quality Medical Publishing, St Louis, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-62623-611-0

Hall-Findlay's Aesthetic Breast Surgery: Concepts & Techniques

Hall-Findlay's Aesthetic Breast Surgery: Concepts & Techniques

A solid production template results in efficient and effective production. In this superior medical text, the layout templates were meticulously designed and constructed for consistent production style and to enable expedient post-layout conversion for a digital version.

In addition, thoughtful graphic construction, color correction, and care taken to preserve the beautiful illustrations were especially important.

And like much involved with making a great movie, this largely goes unnoticed simply because it works.

The chapter opener design includes numerous blends created using InDesign blends and transparencies. These did not reproduce well in PDFs for print, so I reconstructed the background base image in Photoshop, utilizing noise and other filters to minimize banding. The text and illustration are easily placed within the InDesign layout.

Table elements utilize table styles and cell styles to achieve consistent formatting. The compositor utilized the flexibility built into the template to manipulate column widths per the publisher’s style. In tables, numbers automatically converted to tabular style for alignment, ensuring proper alignment. The template included additional table elements including references, notes, straddle heads, and multi-line rows.

Services contributed:
Constructing complex template, complete premedia and asset management, image editing, color correction, proofing, prepress for print, cover production (geometry, foils, and tip-on), liaison with printer.

Title: Aesthetic Breast Surgery: Concepts & Techniques
Author: Dr. Elizabeth Hall-Findlay
Published by Quality Medical Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-57626-262-7

Graphic Editing: The Golden Rectangle

Graphic Editing: The Golden Rectangle

Graphic editing ensures the desired message is delivered visually in cooperation with the manuscript.

The image as provided by the contributing author is incomplete — it doesn’t describe the size relations ship between square and rectangle. The width of the rectangle is mathematically described correctly as 1:1.618. Visually, it can be constructed by scribing a circle with its center point in the center of the base of the square, beginning rotation at one corner until reaching the base. That point identifies the width of the adjacent rectangle. [Image source:  Wikipedia.org ]

Services contributed:
Image and content editing, line art illustration and labeling.

Title: Janis: Essentials of Aesthetic Surgery
Author: Dr. Jeffery E. Janis
Published by Thieme Publishers, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-62623-654-7

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