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Andrew Needles

Graphic Design, Pre-Production

Wormhole! The Board Game

Wormhole! The Board Game

Breakdown: Wormhole! is a space themed board game for up to 8 players that turns the traditional rules of game play inside out. Everyone starts out at the edge of the board on a spiral track and takes turns rolling dice and drawing cards until everyone except one lucky individual reaches the center, making them the winner.

Process: Wormhole came into existence while I was working on a larger, more complicated board game. It started significantly more complicated than the final design, with a series of rings that players had to navigate instead of a constant spiral. As we play tested and redesigned, we simplified the game play down to its core mechanics resulting a simple and easy to understand game. All of the elements of the game were created using a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The original prototype was fabricated by myself using the print ready graphics, a wide format printer, and a Micro3D 3D printer (the game originally had custom pawns that I designed in 3D Studio Max). Additional prototypes were manufactured by PrintPlayGames.com and after an unsuccessful run at Kickstarter, the final game is now produced by The Game Crafter (www.thegamecrafter.com).

ESL TV Hearthstone Legendary Series Broadcast Assets

ESL TV Hearthstone Legendary Series Broadcast Assets

Breakdown: ESL contracted me to create a broadcast graphics package for their Hearthstone Legendary Series as well as the logo for the competition.

In order to produce a new set of assets that work well with their established motion graphics, I started with several old sets of graphics and established a new visual dynamic that incorporated new textures and effects that were similar to the visuals of Hearthstone but different enough to stand apart and not be confused by the viewers with the gameplay being broadcast. I also created the working files in a way that would allow me (or another designer) to easily recolor and texture the entire project for use in other broadcasts (I ended up doing this for another tournament by ESL that was sponsored by Xfinity).

For the logo, I used the card backs from one of the rarer sets available in the game to imply exclusivity and used the same text, textures and styles that were developed for the broadcast package to enhance continuity in the broadcast. I also layered the elements of the logo to work with their motion graphics software for on screen effects.

WCS Toronto StarCraft 2 Main Stage Renderings & Venue CADs

WCS Toronto StarCraft 2 Main Stage Renderings & Venue CADs

Breakdown: ESL came to me to help design and produce 3D renderings of their main stage and to create CADs for the entire venue at the WCS (World Championship Series) event for StarCraft 2 being held in Toronto.

Process: For the main stage, I started with layered walls featuring full bleed prints of key art that separated the casters and players and provided ample room to hide mechanical and electrical elements from the view of spectators. My original design also featured different stage heights but the idea was scrapped to allow for budget constraints. A large projection screen was placed in the center for replay and spectator use, while two smaller side screens allowed the audience to constantly see what the players were seeing or allowed for large shots of the casters as they spoke without dropping the imagery on the main screen. The players entered from behind the stage under the main screen and a podium was placed on a small peninsula that held the competition trophy. In the final stage, the player desks were also encased in sound proof booths.

The venue cad was designed to cycle the guests past the main stage first and then past feature booths and secondary stages. I also sought to make the most use out of limited access points and flat walls, as the event took place on a portion the second floor of the convention hall and had only one solid wall to place elements against (The other walls where wither draped from the ceiling or angled glass).

The rendering was created in 3D Studio Max with in program textures and some made in Photoshop. The venue CAD was created in AutoCAD.

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About the Artist

I’m a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, experiential designer, web designer, game designer, production designer, draftsman, and creative problem solver. Relating this list when someone asks what I do is exhaustive, so I’ve donned the label of Visual Designer. My purpose on this little blue marble in space is to create visually interesting and engaging solutions to any design problem that faces me, regardless of the content and conditions.

I have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Cal State Fullerton, where I also studied mechanical engineering before delving into the world of art and design. The ability to objectively and skillfully approach my work has allowed me touch a large variety of fields, including architecture, special events, and esports as both an in-house designer and a freelance operator.

After suffering a nearly fatal motorcycle accident at the start of 2015 and spending the majority of the rest of the year in recovery I am back to working as a freelance designer. I’ve also taken up designing board games, two of which are available as print on demand titles.

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