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Congratulations to our new incoming Graphic Artists Guild
National Officers for the 2021-2023 term.



Liz DiFiore

Liz has served the Graphic Artists Guild in the following roles:

• NE Regional Rep 2019-2021
• NE Associate Rep 2018
• SMAC Chair 2020-2021
• SMAC 2019-2020
• Advocacy 2018-2021
• Membership Benefits 2020-2021
• Member 4 years 2018-present


About Liz

Hello everyone! Many of you are learning about me here for the first time, but I look forward to working with every one of you in the coming two years.

My career experience, like many of us, has been a varied, winding path into creative professionalism. I graduated from Alfred University in 2011 with a BFA, then unexpectedly pivoted into the great wide world of association management.

Early in my career, I began volunteering for the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) and re-established their New York chapter. When I later transitioned to being the Community Manager for the AWI, I supported chapters across the country, completed association executive training with the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), and built a lasting vibrant community for their membership to grow in.

Though my career had steered me more down the path of membership coordination and social media management, I knew my passion for illustration needed its time to shine. In 2018 I took the leap and became a full-time freelance illustrator, specializing in children’s books. The Graphic Artists Guild, and other professional associations, have been instrumental in helping me develop and grow my business. I hope to pass on the goodwill and knowledge my time here has brought.



Beverley Delay

Headshot of Beverley DelayBeverley has served the Graphic Artists Guild in the following roles:

• West Region Associate Rep  2020-Present
• The Pricing and Ethical Guidelines Handbook  2020-Present
• The Welcome Wagon  2020-Present


About Beverley

Beverley Delay is an experienced web and graphic designer. She founded Beverley Designs in 2005 and provides unique creative design work to a wide range of small businesses, ranging from artists to nutritionists, from yoga instructors to college counselors, dog trainers to various charities, and more.

Driven by her enthusiasm, she takes pride in providing the best possible design service to her clients and will often go above and beyond the scope of work to provide her clients with a website and/or logo they love.

Prior to 2005, Beverley worked in marketing for Duracell for many years as their European Sales & Marketing Coordinator, working on new product development directly with mobile device manufacturers. She has held various volunteer roles at her son’s school, including holding Board positions on the Board of Trustees and the Parent-Teacher Association.

Her clients describe her as organized, creative, patient, talented, rigorous, and fun to work with. Her sons describe her as caring, supportive, and a darn good cook!



Yanique DaCosta

Yanique DaCosta headshotYanique has served the Graphic Artists Guild in the following roles:

• Southern Regional Representative 2016-2019
• Ico-D Delegate 2018-Present
• At-Large Representative 2019-Present


About Yanique

Yanique DaCosta is a formally trained Graphic Designer and Fine Artist who owns a graphic design agency headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL. DaCosta’s agency leverages data-driven graphic design and digital marketing strategies to get amplified product and marketing results. Her 12+ years of Brand Development and Advertising experience has translated to the evolution of member-centric initiatives with the Graphic Artists Guild since 2016. Some of these initiatives include but are not limited to Guild Chat, Guild Chat LIVE, and Monthly Member Spotlights.