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Google Changes Image Search to Accommodate Copyright Concerns

Posted by Rebecca Blake on March 02, 2018

In mid-February, Google announced that it was changing its image search interface to address the concerns of copyright holders. The “view image” button that appears when users clicked onto an image found via Image Search was removed, and the copyright disclaimer, warning users that search results may be copyrighted, was made more prominent. The “View Image” button had taken users directly to the image URL, permitting them to bypass the website on which the image was embedded.

There’s Work to Do on Copyright Small Claims

Posted by Advocacy Liaison on January 19, 2018

For years, creators and visual arts organizations like ours have been asking for a copyright small claims court. The federal court systems works for large copyright holders — companies or individuals with high value copyright claims. But for many individual artists, the federal court system is simply out of reach. A copyright small claims court would give individual creators an alternate path – one that is affordable, easy, and streamlined. The CASE Act (H.R. 3945) would establish a small claims tribunal, but we have a lot of work to do to get the bill moving forward.

Good News! WordPress Will Be A Lot Easier To Use In 2018

Posted by Guest on January 10, 2018

Here are 3 things most designers can agree on about WordPress: 1. It's not easy; 2. It's not WYSIWYG; 3. It's a "save and surprise" system when it comes to creating web pages and blog posts. That's all going to change in 2018. The smart people behind the development of WordPress have been working overtime to rollout the new content creator known as Gutenberg. The expected release date is spring 2018.

Space Exploration Posters, Courtesy of the Jet Propulsion Lab

Posted by Rebecca Blake on December 28, 2017

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab gave us all a lovely holiday gift: a series of space exploration posters, free for downloading and printing. The series, titled Visions of the Future, channels retro poster design from the WPA-era to tout vacation destinations such as Ceres, Jupiter, and Kepler-186f (the first earth-sized planet speculated to be capable of sustaining life). The files can be downloaded as high resolution TIFFs or PDFs, at 20x30”.

Health Insurance Options, Now That the Federal Enrollment Period is Over

Posted by Rebecca Blake on December 19, 2017

If you had wanted to sign up for health insurance but missed the enrollment period for the federal exchange, you may still have options to get coverage at HealthCare.gov. If you’ve experienced a qualifying life event or any number of specific conditions, you may qualify for a special enrollment period. But your first step should be to double check that your state doesn’t have a state health exchange with an enrollment period extended beyond the federal exchange.

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