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Member Spotlight: “Design for Each and All”

Every April 27, we join the International Council of Design (IcoD) in their celebration of International Design Day. Every year, ICoD selects a theme that speaks to the role design — and designers — play in creating a better world. This year was no different.

The theme for International Design Day 2021 was “Design for Each and All.” ICoD challenged designers and organizations to consider how we address the many factors that affect people’s access to information, solutions, resources, and a better quality of life: social, economic, environmental, technological and geographic.

The goal of the “Design for Each and All” Spotlight is to reflect on the graphic artist’s role, not just in art or aesthetics, but in our greater responsibilities towards humanity, culture, diversity and inclusion. We shared ICoD’s “big questions” with our members to learn how they consider issues of equity and access in their work:

  1. How can design shape how people live well and flourish?
  2. Who is/are ‘each and all’ and what is the context?
  3. How do you think about ‘just’ and ‘fair’ access in design?
  4. How does design build a better—more inclusive, fairer— world?

Check out their answers by clicking onto their profiles below.

You can also visit ICoD’s International Design Day Facebook page for perspectives on designing of accessibility, provoking questions, and links to resources.